HelpMercy International is changing the world through sustainable nutrition and agriculture programs for starving children, burned children, and the very ill at Macha Zambia.



We use a two-year program to train families how to raise crops that provide healthy fats, protein, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins. This approach provides complete nutrition and teaches the family how to properly cultivate and sustain agriculture to meet their children's needs.

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Cycle the 20 hardest hill climbs in Utah, or pair it down to the climbs in your area for a fun and fit way to change a child's life. Are you fit enough? To find out how to join or how to support a cyclist, see the link below. I (Lloyd Williams, chairman and founder) will be attempting to ride all 20. 

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At Macha, child malnutrition is still a major problem. In addition, very ill children, children with burns, and children born with chronic illnesses have increased and have special nutritional needs. Children with sick parents also often go underfed in this agrarian culture because parents are too sick to farm.

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