Needs at Man'Gunza

  1. Clean Water: In the Mangunza area, there was only one source of water - the river, which was shared by cattle, pigs and people. HelpMercy has teamed up with Well Water Global to drill 6 boreholes in the area. A well was drilled at the medical clinic and the school, which serves about 800 kids, and 4 wells in the community. These wells are providing clean water to the sick, pregnant mothers, children at school, and people throughout the area - all of whom have not had access to clean water before. 
  2. Housing for girls at the secondary school: Girls in the area often have to come from up to 20 miles away from school on foot. Therefore, they are only able to go home on the weekends as it is too far to wal back and forth each day. This means that they are often homeless in the community. These girls are at risk for abuse and several have become pregnant. With a dormitory and a live in matron, the girls would be able to attend school safely and without fear of being taken advantage of away from home. 
  3. Improved medical care: The Mangunza clinic delivers up to 50 babies per month. The health center, which serves 30,000 people has a maternity ward that is no more than 100 square feet and can be over 100 degrees in the hot season. Additionally, if there are complications, the nearest center with a physician is 40 miles away and unreachable during much of the rainy season. Both babies and mothers have died due to pregnancy complications because of these logistical problems. With increased room for maternity care and other service, the government would allocate more than just one nurse to the center and mothers and children would be saved. 

The people of Man'Gunza have provide local building supplies (wood, sand, bricks) and labor and even some of the money to build buildings. With assistance, they are able to complete projects and improve their own communities. 

100% of what we receive goes directly to helping people.

No matter how small, anyone can help!